By Hamonohd

Garage Door Safety

Did you know that June has been named ‘Garage Door Safety Month’ as a way to remind homeowners to check their door? Yes, garage door safety and security is a necessity. Here’s why…

Thousands of people are injured each year by a garage door – from pinched fingers and lacerations to a complete door collapse.


How can this be?

Today’s garage doors are manufactured with specific safety features, including auto reverse, sensor eyes, motion detectors and manual control overrides. But most safety issues arise when doors aren’t maintained, children are left unsupervised or a do-it-yourself repair has gone terribly wrong.

Maintenance. Your garage door is, by far, the heaviest, hardest working door in your home. It opens and closes hundreds of times per year. And with each operational cycle, there’s consistent wear and tear on the door’s many intricate moving parts. With age and usage, door mechanisms will inevitably wear down (or break entirely), and that’s when injuries can occur.

Supervision. The most common garage door injuries to children are very preventable. Teach children to stay away from the garage door – don’t play underneath it, don’t duck under it while it’s moving, and never, ever play with the remote.

DIYers. Some home repairs pose little risk to anyone who’s handy and wants to try a DIY project. Being self-reliant and thrifty are admirable traits! A word of caution, however, for folks tackling garage door repairs. Without the right knowledge and proper tools for the job, things can quickly go awry. Some things to consider:

  • Could you void the door warranty?
  • Might you make the problem worse and more costly?
  • Is it worth the physical risk?

Garages are a common entry point for thieves. Any unsecured garage door provides a prowler with easy access to your property and belongings.

Beyond personal injury, ‘Garage Door Safety Month’ is also about security because when a garage door is broken, left standing open or is unlocked, your home becomes a huge target for burglars.

Three tips for garage door security:

  1. Keep the door closed, especially when you’re away, but when you’re home too!
  2. Always, always, lock the door that leads from the garage to your home.
  3. Treat your garage door remote just like your house key. Guard it. Guard it from loss and guard it from child’s play!


Key Takeaways:

  • When it comes to your garage door, do a ‘once-over’ once a year. Make time for a safety and security check, as well as maintenance, annually.
  • A rickety, ill-fitted garage door with faulty mechanisms is a real invitation for both break-ins AND breakdowns.
  • Garage doors become hazardous when maintenance is neglected, a DIY repair goes wrong or children are left unsupervised to play near the door or with a garage door opener.
  • Why take a chance? Check your garage door for both safety and security during June’s ‘Garage Door Safety Month’. You’ll be glad you did!


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